1. Specification
  2. Accessories
Surgical Microscope Head
Optics Apochromatic Galilean Type
Eye Piece 10 X Wide Field & High Eye Point (Diopter Adjustment +6 to -6) Option: 12.5X
Binocular Tube 0°- 210° Tiltable Binocular Tube (Inter Pupillary Distance: 50mm to 75mm)
Magnification Option 1: Step
Magnification Option 2: ZOOM
0.4X, 0.6X, 1.0X, 1.6X, 2.5X 0.4X to 2.4X (1 : 6 Ratio)
(Manual & Motorized control)
Objective Lens f= 250 mm Option: i – Focus 200mm - 380mm Variable Focal Objective Lens
Fine Focus 15mm by moving Objective lens manually through Knob
Optical Head Swivel 0° to 90° axially and 180° side wise
Rotation Ring Eye Piece Rotator
Counter Balancing Mechanism Counter balancing mechanism to neutralize the weight of additional accessories
Option 1: LED
Illumination Homogenous Co-axial shadow free Bright White Spot
Lamp Life 75,000hrs
Light Source High Power LED
Filters Orange
Option 2: Halogen
Illumination Co-axial shadow free Bright Spot
Light Source Halogen reflector lamp through Fiber Optic light guide
Floor Stand
Power Supply AC 230 50Hz / 110v 50-60Hz
Weight 115 Kg Approximately Specifications are subject to change without prior
The camera provision in Nazzio Dental Operating helps for:

Documentation, to train junior dentists & patient education

Accurate diagnosis & treatment

Less invasive dental procedures

Comfortable for both dentist & the patient

Recommendations & instructions to hospital/clinic assistants

Patient can bale to view his own tooth treatment lively & understand dentist advice much better

30° Eye Piece Extender with Beam Splitter
45° Eye Piece Extender
SD - CCD Camera Attachment HD Camera attachment
DSLR camera Attachment (for Nikon, Canon & Sony) Monocular Co Observation Tube

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