1. Specification
  2. Performance
26-inch Medical Grade Full HD LCD-Monitor
10-bit signal input 10-bit signal input is available.
10-bit signal process engine 10-bit signal processing based on image processing technology allows the smooth colour gradation.
HD-SDI 3G Signal input The HD-SDI 3G signal can be input for the true progressive imaging and more suitabl to natural images.
LED backlight panel LED backlight panel helps savin power. It also supports Higher brightness & Higher contrast than conventional LCD monitors.
178 degrees high contrast viewing angle LCD panel based on IPS technology is employed for 178 degrees high contrast viewing on UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT.
Multi-Display function Two types of input images can be displayed simultaneously with Side-by-Side and Picture-in-picture display mode.
Applicable Various Input Signal Applicable to NTSC/PAL signal (Composite, Y/C) and PC signal input (Analog RGB, Digital DVI-D).
Flip function Images can be flipped horizontally and vertically, allowing the correction of image inversion caused by the optics.
Anti-Refection hard coat Screen Anti-Reflection hard coat screen is installed as standard to reduce the effect of the reflection and to protect the LCD panel.
User memory Maximum 8 settings can be set as preset. The parameter such as colour temperature, hue, chroma, gamma, R/G/B gain and display mode can be saved for each user or application.
Maximum 30 meters length of DVI-D cable available Signal compensation function is installed and the signal degradation is prevented. Then, maximum 30 meters length of DVI-D cable can be used with the monitor.
VESA mount available A variety of installation brackets for arms and walls can be chosen with the combination of VESA mount.
LCD Panel Size 26-inch
Pixels 1920 x 1200
Display Size 576 x 324mm
Aspect Ratio 16:9

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