1. Specification
  2. Performance
3CMOS Full HDTV Medical Grade Camera
Small size of camera head The camera head employs the compact design on the sensor block with the special optics and achieves the small size and light weight.
High quality image The MKC-210HD employs a 2.2Mega pixel 1/3-inch CMOS Sensor to provide 900 lines of high resolution video image, high S/N ratio of 50dB and high sensitivity of F7/2000lux.The camera equips the latest 1/3-inch CMOS sensors and it performs 1000 TV lines horizontal resolution and 54dB of S /N ratio.
High sensitivity The cameras offers the highest sensitivity on HDTV medical grade cameras with F12/2000lx. And it equips the high sensitivity mode and it performs the double of standard sensitivity.
Digital process LSI (ASIC) The camera employs the high performance digital process LS‚h which is originally used for the broadcast field.
Image processing (ASIC) Ikegami original image processing technology, the details of image expression and focal depth are highly improved.
Video level indicator The indicator can show the video level for ease of operation.
Down-converted video Pressing the Freeze button on the CCU panel will hold the current image. This allows the detailed inspection of situations.The camera has an internal down-convertor to output SDTV signal (NTSC/PAL). Composite signal and S-Video outputs are provided as standard.
Variety of signal output The camera can provides a variety of signal output with analogue HD Y Pb Pr, digital HD-SDI, DVI digital (1920x1080 i/p) and SDTV signals (VBS, S-video and RGB).
Indocyanine Green (ICG) mode With the combination of Ikegami microscope adaptor, CVA-300RI, the camera can be used for ICG application.
Optional C-Mount Microscope Adaptors CVA-300RI Variable focal length type w/Focus Remote.
S Flip and Turn function controllable from external inputs.
SHV centering function adjusted horizontally and vertically.
Anti-biotic coating improve infection control.

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