1. Specification
  2. Performance
3CMOS Full-HD 1080p Native Progressive Medical Grade Camera
Compact Camera-Head W34 x H40 x D40mm and 100g or less.
High Resolution and High Sensitivity Full HDTV 1/3-inch 3CMOS Sensors Provides 1000 TV lines of high definition video images
Digital Processing Video signal processing is done in high-performance digital process of newly developed.
A Variety of video output The camera equips with several video signal outputs such as digital HD signal (HD-SDI 1920 × 1080i/p), DVI digital signal (1920 × 1080i/p) and NTSC/PAL signal (VBS, S-VIDEO).
Automatic Electronic Shutter System Electronic shutter (Shutter Iris) functionality maintains the optimized performance in a variety of situations.
Automatic Iris Control Accurate iris control is possible with Auto-iris camera adaptors and Auto-iris lenses.
Picture Freeze Pressing the Freeze button on the CCU panel will hold the current image. This allows the detailed inspection of situations. where the motion could hide the details.
Scene File 4 scene files are provided to keep pre-set memories for functions and controls.When the camera setting is changed, it can be easily set back to the original settings.
Picture Freeze Pressing the Freeze button on the CCU panel will hold the current image.
Flip and Turn Function The captured images can be flipped horizontally and vertically by the digital processing
Digital zoom Function The center of video image of the screen can be zoomed up to four times by using this function.
Sensitivity F14 at 2000 lux/3200°K or better
S/N Ratio 54dB (Gamma/Detail off, Y signal)
Resolution Horizontal: 1000 TV lines
Output signal HDTV
HD-SDI 1920×1080 i/p BNC 2ch DVI 1920×1080 i/p 1ch
Composite (VBS) BNC 1ch S-Video S terminal 1ch
Sync Signal HDTV: Tri-sync signal 1ch

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